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Planned: VoIP Proxy server emergency maintenance with BLA service degradation on June 6, 2018


The primary VoIP Proxy needs to be relocated in a data center due to new power source and server rack requirements.

This update promotes the secondary Proxy as the new primary, so that the current primary Proxy can be moved without service impact.

Maintenance impact

June 6, 2018, Wednesday, 9 PM - 30 min service degradation for BLA Groups



  • Phone calls and features will continue to operate without disruption, unless otherwise noted below:
  • BLA Group features may not work as expected for some phones between 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM
  • BLA Call status lamps may not light for some phones

  • BLA Call hold and pickup across different handsets may not work

If you experience any problems, please contact ISC Client Care at 215-898-1000.