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Desktop Requirements for Administrative System Users

Penn's administrative systems desktop requirements are consistent with the desktop recommendations for general purpose systems. The following is specific information regarding compatibility of BEN Financials, NGSS Banner, Oracle EPM/Hyperion with University supported operating systems, web browsers, and office suites.

BEN Financials

Up-to-date information on desktop requirements for BEN financials can be found at:

Pennant Browser Recommendation

For members of the Penn Community who have to access the Pennant suite of applications, the preferred browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.   

Pennant Banner Admin Pages Browser Default Language Settings

For members of the Penn Community who have access to Banner administrative pages (primarily OUR, School Registrars), we recommend that your web browsers be set to “English (United States)” as the default language setting.  Setting the browser language accordingly will ensure that all Penn-specific terminology within the Banner Administrative pages displays appropriately.

Please see the chart below for guidance on how to change your default language settings.  If you have any questions, please contact your local IT support provider.


Location of Language Default Setting

Recommended Language Default Setting

Apple Safari 15.x (macOS)

Language & Region preference pane

English (United States)

Google Chrome .current (macOS, Windows)


English (United States)

Microsoft Edge .current (Windows)


English (United States)

Mozilla Firefox .current (macOS, Windows)

Settings/Language and Appearances/Language

English (United States)

When changing your default settings, please remember to sign out of Banner using the “ [->] “ sign out icon on the menu located vertically on the left side. 

In addition, after changing your default settings, please clear the cache from the browser. 


Oracle Hyperion EPM

Oracle's system requirements can be found at the following page: