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Duo Integration with SSH, RDP, and VPN

Duo can be integrated with SSH, RDP and VPN (Juniper, Pulse Secure, Cisco, F5, Fortinet, and generic RADIUS) authentication, among others. 

To see more documented application integrations, go to Duo's documentation and scroll down. 

If you'd like to set up an integration, send email to ISC Client Care and include the following information:

  1. What type of service would you like to integrate with Duo? (SSH, RDP, VPN and its type)
  2. If a user is authenticating to your service and is not enrolled in Two-Step Verification, should they be allowed to proceed or be denied? NOTE: it's strongly recommended that applications and resources with sensitive data deny unenrolled users.
  3. The name of the application (e.g. "School VPN") that users should see in the Duo push notification.

We will then provide the Integration key (ikey), Secret key (skey), and API hostname you will need when configuring your system to work with Duo. The Secret key should be treated like a password, and neither shared with unauthorized individuals nor sent via email.