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Forward-Only Service Retirement - Steps for Clean-Up

In preparation for the retirement of the Forward-Only Tool, the following steps need to be performed by individuals who manage emails that are in the Forward-Only tool.

Review your Current Forwards

  • Open the Forward-Only Tool.
  • Click "Forward List" on the left navigation pane.
  • Click "Show Filters" at the top.
  • Select/deselect Organizations if desired. If none are unselected, the report will include all domains available to the LSP.
  • Change "Format" field to CSV.
  • Click "Filter Results." You will receive a CSV file of your forwards.
  • Review the email addresses in the first column, #forwardid, and determine whether you still need the forward that is listed.

Remove Forwards in Bulk

To disable forwards in bulk, you will need to upload a CSV file of the email addresses that need to be removed.  In order for the forwarding email addresses to be removed immediately (instead of after the default 60-day delay), each email address listed should be followed by ",0" without the quotation marks. IE.,0

If you are working from the file you exported from the Forward-Only tool, all columns other then the #forwardid column should be deleted.  If you need help parsing the Excel file, contact

Once you have a CSV file of email addresses to be removed, you are ready to upload it into the Forward-Only tool.  Follow these instructions to remove the emails in bulk.

  • Open the Forward-Only Tool.
  • Click "Bulk Disable Forward" on the left navigation pane.
  • Click "Choose File" and navigate to your CSV file of email addresses with the ,0 setting.
  • Click "Open."
  • Enter your email address as the "Admin Email Address" so the changes can be tracked.
  • Click "Update Forward."