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O365 Tools Application


The O365 Enrollment Tool determines if a person is eligible for PennO365 based on their data in PennCommunity.

To request access, please contact ISC Client Care at

    O365 Enrollment Tool

    The O365 Enrollment Tool displays the Penn Community data used by PennO365. Use the tool’s filter to generate a report of users. This tool should be used to verify that a user’s information is correct and that they are eligible before attempting to mailbox enable an account.

    The report displays the following information about each found record:

    • PennID
    • PennKey
    • Name
    • Institutional preferred email
    • Phone
    • Active Code
    • O365 primary affiliation (student or faculty/staff; used to determine if an override is needed)
    • Center (code)
    • Center name
    • Home org
    • SRS division
    • SRS school
    • All active affilations
    • O365 Ready (If “Yes”, user can be mailbox enabled)
    • Expires in days
    • Has mailbox (indicates that the user already has a mailbox enabled)
    • O365 center (the user’s center for PennO365)
    • Job org class title
    • Scheduled deletion date
    • Person description
    • First name
    • Last name
    • DN (information from Active Directory)

    The Override Tool has been deprecated as of 3/15/2021. Overrides are now applied using ARS.

    • For a demonstartion of how to apply an override, please see the ARS Overview Video at 36:22.