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Vendor resources for Providers

ISC can facilitate access to a number of vendor resources that are available to IT staff at Penn. For more information or to use any of the services, IT staff should contact ISC Client Care or the direct contact listed for the service. Direct access to some of these resources is limited to Client Care personnel and this is noted when it is the case.


Apple Care OS Support

Penn's AppleCare OS Support program includes a technical support plan that covers an unlimited number of support incidents for software installation, launch and use, hardware and software diagnosis and troubleshooting, and issue isolation for Apple-based solutions. It includes support for Apple hardware, current versions of iOS, macOS/OS X and OS X Server, and most Apple software and tools. Contact ISC Client Care to open an incident.

iOS Dev Center

iOS Dev Center Site

The iOS Dev Center provides a complete set of resources for developing iOS apps to be distributed in the Apple App Store, including software downloads, getting started videos, coding how-to's, sample code, and access to a wealth of technical documentation in the iOS Developer Library. ISC has an iOS Dev Center account which is open to LSPs. Contact ISC Client Care to register.

iOS Developer Enterprise Program

iOS Developer Enterprise Program Site

The iOS Developer Enterprise program provides access to resources that will help you develop proprietary iOS apps that you can distribute to people of the Penn community. ISC has an iOS Developer Enterprise account which is open to LSPs. Contact ISC Client Care to register.

Mac Dev Center

Mac Dev Center Site

The Mac Dev Center provides resources for developing and distributing Mac apps through the Mac App Store, including software downloads, the Developer Certificates Utility, getting started videos, sample code, and access to technical documentation in the OS X Reference Library. ISC has a Mac Dev Center account which is open to LSPs. Contact ISC Client Care to register.

Onsite Engineer

Penn has access to an Engineer from Dell, Dan Zuckman, who works regularly on campus. He serves as a liaison and advocate for Penn IT staff for anything related to Dell sales and support. He can assist with product recommendations and new technology previews, and is also available to help resolve support issues as they arise. Dan can be reached at


TechDirect Portal

TechDirect, Dell's support services portal, is a global tool designed to help you more efficiently manage all aspects of parts dispatches and support cases. It combines two online tools - Dell Online Self-Dispatch (DOSD), which is a program that enables efficient part requests and issue resolution for IT Professionals who prefer to perform their own troubleshooting and hardware replacement, and also access to Online Incidents Management (OLIM). For more information about enrolling in DOSD, contact ISC Client Care.

Dell Premier

Dell's Premier Site

Dell's Premier site is designed to help you through all phases of product ownership: planning, purchase, deployment, reporting, and support. LSPs can register for an account through the University's Computer Connection.

Gartner Enterprise Portal Access

Gartner Portal

Gartner, one of the world's largest information technology research and advisory consulting firms, provides in-depth research and analyses on IT issues, trends, companies, products, and emerging technologies via Penn's Gartner Enterprise Portal Access.

Note: by far the most common cause of non-functionality for Penn constituents is that your Penn Directory profile has to be set to public in order for Gartner to authenticate you into our subscription. The Penn Library has an FAQ that details how to fix this.

Conference Calls with Gartner Core Research Advisors to discuss a wide range of IT topics and trends. ISC is available to work with you to coordinate conference calls with Gartner Analysts. Contact John Mulhern III ( for more information.

Microsoft TechNet Pro

TechNet Pro Site

Through our TechNet Pro subscription, ISC has access to the latest Microsoft full-version and beta software with no feature limits. Contact ISC Client Care for more information. Direct access to this resource is limited to Client Care personnel.

MS Developer Network


The MSDN provides resources for developers who are building apps that run on Windows, SQL Server or other Microsoft platforms. In addition to software for development and testing, the ISC subscription includes advanced technical support from Microsoft. Contact ISC Client Care for more information. Direct access to this resource is limited to Client Care personnel.

Microsoft Premier Support Agreement

MS Premier Support Services Site

ISC LAN Technology Services collaborated with interested schools and centers to establish a shared Microsoft Premier Support Agreement that allows each participating unit to pay for and receive a portion of the support hours covered by the agreement. Participants have direct access to Microsoft Premier Support to request and receive technical support and consulting. In addition, a local Technical Account Manager (TAM) is available to manage the timely resolution of support requests. Contact Magida Phillips ( for more information or to join the shared Premier Support Agreement.

General vendor liaison relationships

ISC maintains active relationships with the following vendors, which can be leveraged to assist with School and Center needs. Contact ISC Client Care for assistance.

  • Adobe
  • Epson
  • FileMaker
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Juniper
  • Lenovo
  • Ricoh
  • Symantec
  • VMware