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Retirement of legacy ISC Exchange service aliases postponed until June 2018

Last week, ISC communicated a reminder of our plan to retire the legacy alias. Based on the concerns expressed by various clients on campus, ISC has decided to postpone the retirement of the legacy alias until June 30, 2018.

To help school and center IT organizations with user populations that will be impacted by this change, ISC will be scheduling a meeting in the coming weeks to discuss the retirement and answer any questions or concerns.  We will also be available during periodic office hours, leading up to the retirement of the alias, to address questions and concerns that arise as impacted groups prepare their users for the legacy alias retirement.

ISC will be contacting IT organizations directly to invite a representative(s) to the meeting and also share a report of the aliases still in use in their schools or centers.

If you have any questions, Please contact ISC Client Care at


Earlier this week, the below message regarding the retirement and deletion of email aliases was sent out.  We have received some questions regarding the aliases being deleted on Friday, October 13, vs those being deleted on December 15, and would like to clarify specifically what is happening, and when.

On Friday, October 13, the aliases that will be deleted are known to not be functioning, and have not been functioning since the retirement of the on-premise Exchange service, last December.  These aliases are addresses that point to the former Exchange host, which no longer exists.  Only those aliases will be deleted on October 13.

Any aliases that are currently pointing to an existing, functioning address, will not be deleted until December 15.  If you have an email address functioning, currently, with an address, this account will not be affected by the October 13 deletion, and you will have until December 15 to inform your users, and adjust accordingly.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact ISC Client Care.


Last December, ISC retired the on-premise Exchange email service.  As part of our retirement plan, ISC agreed to continue to support addresses in the domain for one calendar year.

As a general notice, ISC will begin the retirement process by deleting aliases that are known not to be functioning on Friday, October 13, 2017.

On December 15, 2017, ISC will retire routing for the remaining aliases in the domain, and any forwarding now in place will no longer work.  ISC will be contacting IT organizations directly with a report of the aliases still in use in their schools or centers.

Please contact ISC Client Care with any questions or concerns.