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Eduroam at Penn

The University of Pennsylvania participates in eduroam, a secure wireless service available at educational institutions worldwide. The eduroam network allows visitors to participating institutions to connect to the Internet without having to obtain login credentials specific to that institution. For example, a Penn faculty member attending a seminar at Princeton would be able to connect to the eduroam network there without having a Princeton login. Likewise, in the reverse situation, a Princeton faculty member would be able to connect to Penn's eduroam network without a PennKey.

You may have noticed that the "eduroam" wireless network is available on campus in the same places that AirPennNet is available. Visitors to Penn that whose devices have been preconfigured for eduroam can connect to this network when on campus. Penn affiliates who have been preconfigured for eduroam will similarly be able to connect to the "eduroam" wireless network when visiting a participating institution.


Use of eduroam is open to all Penn faculty, staff, and students with a PennKey. We strongly encourage you to set up your devices to use eduroam if you are interested in the service! You will need to configure your device before traveling to another participating institution, so be sure to do so well in advance!

Logging into eduroam is much the same as logging into AirPennNet. There is one important difference when logging into eduroam--your login is not your PennKey, but rather [your PennKey] If your Pennkey was "johndoe" you would log into eduroam as "", for example. The password you will use is still your PennKey Password. Note that while it may look a little bit like it, the login is not the same as your email address! 

To configure your device to connect to eduroam, please go to and use the wizard available there. You will need to log in with your PennKey and password first. If you have ever used AirPennNet-Help before, the process is nearly identical. Just make sure that you are using the [your pennkey] format as your login.

Once you are configured, you should automatically connect to the eduroam network when visiting a participating institution!

If you need help connecting to eduroam, please contact your Local Support Provider and they should be able to help you.


If your home institution is an eduroam participant, and you are interested in using the eduroam network when visiting Penn, please contact the appropriate support staff from your institution to configure your devices. Configuration for eduroam is specific to each institution, so Penn staff will not have access to configure your devices correctly after you arrive.


Configuring your users to connect to eduroam is in principle no different than connecting to AirPennNet, other than the differing [pennkey] login format. Simply navigate to and go through the XpressConnect onboarding process, much the same way as you would connect to AirPennNet-Help. Any device that supports AirPennNet will also support eduroam. The XpressConnect wizard will automatically format login credentials in the [pennkey] format for all supported OSes other than iOS. Since logins in iOS are handled natively in the OS as opposed to the XpressConnect wizard, you will need to manually enter credentials in the [pennkey] format, so please keep that in mind.

Please be aware that your users must be configured for eduroam BEFORE travelling to another institution. Once your users are off campus, it is usually too late, unless they can get connected to the Internet to access and navigate the onboarding process themselves. Even if the location they are visiting has their own eduroam onboarding process, it will likely be specific to that institution and will not work for Penn affiliates.

Similarly, if your school or center is hosting a guest from another institution that wants to connect to eduroam at Penn, they will need to be configured by their university first. should NOT be used for non-Penn affiliates--it will not allow them to connect with their school's credentials, and will likely break any existing eduroam configurations already on their device.

If you have any questions or need any guidance configuring your users for eduroam, please mail and we will be happy to assist!