Technology Services Teams

Communications & Collaboration Technologies

  • Collaboration Services manages the University’s cloud-based email and calendaring PennO365 service. The group also provides email routing support via their Penn Email Routing service. In addition, the team offers a suite of email-related services like our Classlist and PennNet Mailing List services to support campus collaboration, and an SMTP-Relay service to support email sent from devices such as faxes and copy machines.
  • Secure Identity and Access Management (IAM) services which establish a foundation for trust for the Access Management Services that are used by the global university community
  • Engineering design for the University's enterprise telephony and voicemail services and Penn Video Network that support University business operations and the campus residence halls.
  • MAGPI provides bandwidth access to Internet2 and other MAGPI clients, optical network connections to Princeton NJ and New York City, and Consulting services

Technology Forecasting

  • Technology Evaluations and Coordination involves working collaboratively with Penn IT partners to identify, evaluate, and coordinate new IT services (or new ways of delivering existing services)
  • Technology Tracking assists in technology planning by maintaining technology roadmaps for University provided services, policy compliance, and impactful industry trends
  • Desktop and Mobile Recommendations support requests for standards and best practices by collaboratively developing technology recommendations and best practice documentation

Infrastructure Operations

  • The Business Recovery team offers Recovery Solutions providing clients the ability to prepare for and recover to normal operations after a potential disaster through off-site hosting and annual recovery testing. The group also coordinates ISC’s Mission Continuity efforts supporting the recovery of “the business” of ISC.
  • Enterprise Management Services comprises a suite of integrated tools which provide comprehensive Network, System and Application availability and performance monitoring including automated response, notification, and escalation in support of ISC managed hosted systems and PennNet.
  • Facilities-Based Services seeks to provide University constituents with a reliable, environmentally sound, secure space to house their IT assets through its Data Center & Colocations Solutions service. The Data Centers are highly reliable and meet physical requirements for HIPAA, PCI, ISO, and FISMA compliance.
  • Mainframe Services is the key platform for the University’s highly available and secure Administrative Systems - enabling multi-platform workload coordination and automation, real-time and batch transaction processing, and the authoritative data collection relied upon throughout the university community.
  • Infrastructure engineering designs for inside building structured cabling and outside building fiber and circuits, both for the core network and specialized networks such as security, point of sale, cameras, DAS, and SCADA
  • The Enterprise Command Center (ECC) supports critical University business applications and research collaboration via its PennNet Ethernet Ports service by monitoring network activity and providing wired connectivity from all Penn-owned buildings to the Internet.

Platforms Infrastructure & Network Engineering

  • Engineering for the critical network components and services that support PennNet, which is the University’s enterprise IP network. The service also produces custom designs for advanced high-speed networks that connect Research Labs to Data Centers on campus through PennNet or to other remote campus locations through Internet 2. And the service manages the University's Border Firewall and the University Client VPN.
  • The Wireless at Penn design service provides the University’s campus-wide wireless network for students, staff, faculty, and visitors to Penn to access PennNet and the Internet.
  • Firewall Services provide automated security tools used to filter out known malicious network traffic and protect server and end user networks.
  • The Database Administration team takes the pain out of database management by offering cost-effective database solutions, support and consulting with their Database & Application Platform Support, Database & Application Platform Consulting, and Shared Database offerings.
  • The Storage & Backup team offers a fully-configurable backup set of tools to manage servers, the BackItUp service. The team also offers Storage for Clients of ISC’s Application Development & Delivery service.
  • Systems Administration provides centralized management services for Clients across campus via our Active Directory, Endpoint Management, and Systems Support & Consulting services.
  • The Virtualization Technologies team contributes virtual solutions in support of University business needs. The Virtual Server Hosting service enables the consolidation of campus server and network resources, and the Virtual Desktop service hosts desktop operating systems within a virtual machine, allowing for rapid deployment of tools and applications.

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