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PennZoom: Getting started

Penn has negotiated a license with Zoom allowing eligible active students, faculty, and staff can use a full-featured Zoom account. Read below to learn how to set up your account, know how to identify PennZoom accounts, and get started using Zoom at Penn.

Please note: FERPA protections are in place. However, it does not carry a Penn HIPAA agreement, so the service is not intended for clinical use.

The following information applies to most users of PennZoom. It is, however, important to note that some user groups operate independently. If you fall under one of these independent groups, you will be redirected to the appropriate login page when attempting to log in with your PennKey.

To set up your account, in a web browser, sign in with your PennKey credentials at


Through the Zoom desktop or mobile client app, click Sign In with SSO, then enter upenn as the company domain.

This will automatically claim your license and set up your PennZoom account.

Here's how to verify that you have a licensed PennZoom account. On your Zoom Profile page, the User type will show Licensed, and the Capacity Meeting 300. If you created your Zoom account on the regular website, and if you don't show as Licensed with Meeting 300 capacity, that means you did not set up a PennZoom account. Follow the instructions above to start at and create your licensed PennZoom account!

In a web browser, go to

and choose Join, Host, or Sign in. Use your PennKey credentials to complete the process.


Through the Zoom desktop or mobile client app, click Sign In with SSO, then enter upenn as the company domain.

Your PennZoom user ID and Zoom email is in the format of where pennkey is your PennKey username.

Your PennZoom address is not to be confused with your actual email address, and cannot be in the format. If you are logging in with your email address, and not with PennKey, you will need to follow the instructions under "Start at" above to create a PennZoom account to collaborate with other PennZoom users.

How to find other Zoom users in the central PennZoom service

In order to contact or invite other PennZoom users to meetings, you need to use their Zoom user ID, which is also in the format of 

You also use to access collaborative features, such as inviting other PennZoom users to serve as alternative hosts, granting scheduling privileges, or pre-assigning Zoom users to breakout rooms.

If you can’t find a user in the central PennZoom service

Zoom has been implemented in different ways across the University, and not all Schools and Centers have joined PennZoom. Users in Schools and Centers that have not yet moved to PennZoom will not be “findable” in

You will be able to invite these users to meetings by using their email addresses. However, you will not be able to use several of Zoom’s collaborative features.

Penn has worked with Zoom so you can restrict participants to or * accounts only. If this feature has been turned on locally for your organization, you'll be asked if you want to allow guests or not. You can allow guests (or not), depending on your meeting's needs.

Check out the Other resources sidebar for additional information about PennZoom, including other resources for users, resources for IT staff, Zoom's quick start guide, and more.

Support for PennZoom follows Penn's computing support model. Please contact your organization's IT group for the first line of support for PennZoom. Here's how you can locate your IT support provider.