IT Planning Task Force

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Penn’s ITPTF will develop methods, standard costing models, and templates for sharing IT costs among Schools and Centers, upholding and modernizing the former functionality of the Network Planning Task Force (NPTF).

Task Force Goals

  • Develop Annual ISC Rates and Service Bundles
    • Align consistent rate-setting with the Penn budget cycle and School/Center planning cycles
    • Provide financial transparency
  • Develop Cost Sharing Models and Templates (inclusive of research-specific cost recovery)
    • Mitigate one-off costing
    • Provide transparency
    • Streamline costing processes
  • Support ISC New Service Costing
    • Reduce confusion about how to cost a service
    • Conduct Breakeven analysis
  • Identify cost/funding improvement strategies and opportunities
    • Proactively evaluate cost and funding strategies

Maintain Transparency & Consistency

  • Acknowledge the various constraints of various schools (e.g., budget size)
  • Demonstrate the value of choices/benefits to the organization
  • Focus on maximizing benefits across Penn (commonwealth rather than unit)
  • Balance what’s best for Penn holistically while considering its individual schools & centers
  • Value and validate decisions through data and true cost
  • Form partnerships, not just transactional engagements

In Scope

  • Enterprise common-good solutions
    • Central Service Fee
  • Direct charges & Project cost
    • Rate-based services that are all billed on a per unit basis
  • Recommending body
  • Need to understand Allocated Costs
  • Long- & short-term planning (includes capital planning)

Major Presentations

Subcommittee work

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