Provider Services

The following services, collectively known as Provider Services, are available to Penn's IT community. Access to all are coordinated through ISC Client Care except where noted.

ISC Client Care

ISC Client Care is a chat, email, and telephone support service for Local Support Providers (LSPs) as well as other members of Penn's IT community. LSPs can contact Client Care for a variety of purposes including 2nd and 3rd tier support on technical issues, questions or issues regarding services provided by ISC, or general questions regarding the University's IT environment. Through Client Care, LSPs can also gain access to other IT-related resources and services summarized below.

ISC Client Care is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM.  Requests can be submitted by contacting:

For more information, please see the ISC Client Care website.

Standards Lab

The Standards Lab is a testing facility with computing equipment representing ISC's recommended hardware and software standards across a four-year cycle. Its resources are available to anyone within Penn's IT community to use for testing, troubleshooting, and hardware evaluation. The Standard Lab's configuration can be customized to meet testers' needs and replicate a vast array of the computing environments found on campus. For more information, please see the Standards Lab article.

Mobile technology consulting

Mobile technology continues to be an increasingly important aspect of IT at the University and elsewhere.  ISC's Lead for Mobile Technologies provides 2nd- and 3rd-tier support to Local Support Providers, maintains active relationships with many mobile service vendors, and offers guidance, purchasing recommendations, and product reviews for the Penn community.  Members of the Penn IT community can also borrow devices from a select inventory for testing and self evaluation.  For more information on the devices available for loan, please see the Mobile Device Evaluation Units article.

Secure hard drive disposal

Protecting University data is an integral part of any Local Support Provider's job.  To facilitate this process, a degausser and hard drive "crusher" are available for use by IT staff, free of charge.  For more information, please see the Secure Drive Disposal article.

Virus & security response

In conjunction with ISC Information Security, the Virus Response Team manages the University's relationship with Symantec, monitors virus activity on campus, and issues security alerts to the Penn IT community.

Vendor resources for Providers

ISC Client Care facilitates access to a number of vendor resources that are available to IT staff.  Vendors include Apple, Dell, Gartner, Microsoft, Symantec and others. For more information, please see the Vendor Resources for Providers article.


ISC Client Care is staffed by experienced IT professionsals who are available to meet with LSPs on-site to better assess technical issues and help find solutions. Staffs members' areas of expertise include:

General hardware support Mobile techologies (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, 8 Windows) Wireless troubleshooting
General software support Symantec Endpoint Protection PennO365 support
macOS operating systems Malware detection & removal PennKey support
Windows operating systems System recovery tools Data Warehouse & Penn Community
Systems imaging & deployment Virtualization Penn IT structure & resources
Windows installer development Network troubleshooting  and more...