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Two-Step Verification: Configuring a Replacement Phone

For detailed, step by step instructions if you haven't previously enrolled, consult Two-Step Verification: detailed instructions.

If you use Two-Step Verification with Duo Mobile and recently replaced your mobile phone, you must configure the replacement phone for Two-Step Verification. You cannot use the previous Duo Mobile profile if you restored it from a mobile phone backup.

Follow the instructions below to configure a replacement phone for Two-Step Verification. NOTE: If you only use your phone to receive Two-Step Verification codes by SMS texts or phone calls, you don't need to reconfigure Two-Step. Simply ensure that your replacement phone can receive texts or phone calls at the number you specified (use the Manage Settings option to update your phone number if your mobile number changed).

1. Access the Two-Step Verification page:

2. Click Manage Settings.

3. In the Devices section, click New phone for Duo push (note: this option will appear in the screenshot below where Change phone used to be). You will be automatically unenrolled from Duo Mobile so you can complete your replacement phone's configuration.

Note: if you've never used Duo Mobile before and are adding Duo Mobile to your profile, look for the Enroll in Duo Push option in the Duo Push section. The rest of the remaining steps are correct.

4. Open the Duo Mobile app on your replacement phone. If there are any existing University of Pennsylvania profiles, you must remove them.

  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the University of Pennsylvania profile, then tap Delete. Confirm the deletion.

5. Click Next.

6. On the integrate the Duo phone app page, note the scannable QR code that has been generated.

7. On your device, tap Add Account (if you have no other profiles) or the plus (+) sign (to add an additional profile to already existing Duo profiles), and point your device's camera to the QR code on your screen. The Duo-Protected University of Pennsylvania account appears in your Duo Mobile app. Click Next.

8. A test push notification is sent to your phone. Tap the notification on your Duo Mobile app and tap Approve (the check mark) to accept the test push notification. STOP! Before proceeding any further, make sure to accept the test push notification on your smartphone! Once you have done so, click Next.

9. The next screen confirms that Duo Push is enabled for Penn WebLogin. Your replacement phone is now ready to use for Two-Step Verification.