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Two-Step Verification: Getting Started

For detailed, step by step instructions, consult Two-Step Verification: detailed instructions, or see the Two-Step Verification FAQ for more information.

Getting started with Two-Step Verification is easy!

1. Begin

Authenticate with your PennKey and password at the Two-Step Verification page to begin enrollment:

2. Enroll

Supply and/or review information in the enrollment screens including:

  • Your phone numbers (mobile phones and/or landlines) to receive your Two-Step Verification code by text or phone call
  • Email address for receiving Two-Step Verification notifications (you can update your email address later at Penn Directory update listings).
  • Contact information of Penn friends or colleagues who can help you access your account if you lose your verification device

3. Choose

Choose your second verification step: a smartphone app such as Duo Mobile (highly recommended!), text or phone call, or keychain fob.

  • Select Duo Mobile
    • First download the free Duo Mobile app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Duo Mobile is highly recommended as your second verification step.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to generate a scannable QR code on your computer screen, and then use the Duo Mobile app to scan this code to add the University of Pennsylvania profile to Duo Mobile.
    • Accept the Duo test push on your device before proceeding.
    • After you successfully enroll in Two-Step Verification, print or snap a picture of the 20 verification codes and keep them in a safe place. Use these one-time codes in order if you ever lose access to your verification device.
  • Select text or phone call
    • If you would like the Two-Step Verification service to either text or call you to provide a verification code to one of your registered phone numbers. Not recommended for smartphones.
  • Select keychain fob
    • If you wish to register a physical fob that will display Two-Step Verification codes. You'll have to supply the fob's serial number during registration.

That's it! Now you're ready for Two-Step Verification whenever your web application asks for it.

4. Manage

If you need to make changes in the future to your Two-Step Verification profile (e.g. add/change friends, unenroll/re-enroll a new smartphone for Duo Mobile, etc.), go to the Two-Step Verification enrollment page and click Manage Settings. You need a Two-Step code to make changes to your Two-Step profile.