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The content on this rates page reflects rates for this service in FY19. Starting in FY20, this service will receive funding as one of the "common-good" services funded by the Penn Technology Investment Committee (PTIC). Additional information about each PTIC service will be published in Fall 2019.


Service FY'18 FY'19
Email and Collaboration   
PennO365 Faculty/Staff Email & Calendaring Account $3.75/month $3.75/month
PennO365 Student Email & Calendaring Account $0.60/month $0.60/month
PennO365 Shared/Room/Equipment Account $3.75/month $3.75/month
PennO365 License Fee $60/FTE/year $60/FTE/year
PennO365 Mail Restore $118/hour $118/hour
Virtual Domain Service $150 one-time setup fee $150 one-time setup fee
ActiveSync with Exchange Included with cost of account Included with cost of account


Email services are billed monthly. Departments are responsible for reviewing and maintaining their email accounts on a routine basis. Accounts for employees who have left or transferred will continue to be billed until the email administrator for your department has deleted them. Please contact your email administrator if you have questions about how to review your email account lists.

Annual License Fee: This is a $60 annual charge billed to one budget code for each School or Center. The $60 rate will be applied to the number of FTEs in each School/Center (per the Office of Software Licensing’s University-wide census, which fractionalizes part-time faculty and staff). All Schools and Centers that migrate to the PennO365 service in FY2016 will be charged this fee.

  • One-time Migrating Charge: $45 One-time charge billed to one budget code for each School or Center. $45 rate will be applied to the number of Email Accounts (Faculty, Staff, Students or Groups) in each School/Center that were migrated to O365. Clients will have the option of paying this charge either after the accounts are migrated or ratably over a 3 year period.
  • Shared/Room/Equipment Accounts: PennO365 Shared/Room/Equipment accounts replace Group accounts used in the Exchange service. 
  • Storage: The cloud-based storage per email account for PennO365 is 50GB via Microsoft Online.

Virtual Domain Offering

Our Virtual Domain service offering allows you to alias your server with a hostname that reflects your organization so that mail can be addressed as follows:

Organizations with 500 or more user accounts will not be charged an initial setup fee. Any organization with fewer than 500 user accounts will be charged a one-time fee for the staff time required to set up such hosting – 1 hour at the current rate of $150/hour. All organizations will be charged a yearly certificate fee.

The current rate for this service is based on time and materials.

For more information, contact ISC Client Care.

ISC rate increases are generally aligned with University increases.

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